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Lithium Cell C15
  • Lithium Cell C15

Lithium Cell C15


Higher Rate of Performance 

Its power comes from negative electrode materials and its cell are made from alloy c15 which is said to be best when it comes to higher rate performance, it eliminated the ZrNi in the second phase to reach its higher peak performance. It is one of a kind battery that works best in both low and high temperature areas or environments. These batteries are suited when they are combined with a solar panel because of their high charge storage. 

Best When Used With a Solar Panel

These batteries have a light weight of only 6.5kg with a charge capacity of 200AH and deliver the voltage up to 3.2V. Our high quality Lithium Cell C15 batteries provide high efficiency between charging and discharging and deliver higher continuous power. Our battery has a cycle life of 80% DOD over 2000 times making it one of the best long lasting batteries and a great power storage solution for your home, offices, machines, etc. 

Long Life Span

These lithium batteries have a high DOD which means they do not require to charge more often. They are the perfect replacement for lead acid batteries which require a lot of maintenance and do not last longer than any normal lithium battery. 

High Energy Density

High energy density simply means these batteries can hold more power relative to the size of the battery. If you compare lithium batteries with lead acid batteries these lithium batteries can hold up to double the amount of charge as compared to acid batteries. 

High Efficiency Rating

These batteries have a higher efficiency rating as compared to any other batteries because they deliver more power than the time they are required to charge up. They have an efficiency rating g of 95% to 90%. These batteries are designed and made to be the perfect solution for everyday power problems. 

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