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500W 850Wh Portable System
  • 500W 850Wh Portable System

500W 850Wh Portable System

DC Voltage:12V

AC Voltgae:110V

Rated Power:500W

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Leave the present and move forward towards the future. We would like to continue introducing the new 500W 850Wh Portable Systems, and its specifications and which can help you not only in your home but also it can help you in your outdoor campaigns.


With a Large Capacity of 660WH(max.85Wh) with a unique High-grade lithium cell battery that can be Rechargeable and also PV and Grid can charge it. It brings you easily reach the AC power & DC power anywhere anytime for your kinds of devices. And The LED Light Can Be Used As A Torch Outdoor. If you need a Portable System to Carry For Your Outdoor Camping/Van/Hiking/Fishing or Hurricane Emergency Life Power Outage, etc., nothing is better than this portable 500W 850Wh Portable System. 


There is one value-adding thing in this portable that you can use as Family UPS. It Battery Backup is strong enough to use your Workstations, Desktop Computers, Networking Devices, and Home Entertainment Systems. It protects from Power Interruptions, Power Fluctuations, And Surges all of your valuable documents like photos, videos, music, and your work files.


it has flexibility and is compatible has both ac and DC voltage. The value of DC Voltage is 12V, whereas the value of AC voltage is 110V. In addition, it also has a feature that it can be charged by PV and Grid. The portable is made only. It protects from overload/ overcurrent/over temperature/ overcharge and has the ability to discharge. The operating temperature is -10C to 40C. This 500W 850Wh Portable System has an LCD display which shows the input and out stats, LED, SOC, Alarm, AC voltage and frequency, USB PD output voltage and power, etc.


While using electronic products outside the home, we have to manage many data cables and wires, which always creates a mess. They are not easy to carry and easy to lose. Using this 500W 850Wh Portable System, we can easily manage our wires and cables, and also, we can quickly charge our phone and our other electronic gadgets. To solve these electric issues, we have made this portable for you to easily move outside and don't worry about charging your electronic gadgets. All you need to do is carry this powerful 500W 850Wh Portable System when you go out, and most importantly you do not need to worry about the storage and loss of the small items anymore.

DC Voltage:12V

AC Voltgae:110V

Rated Power:500W

Capacity: 850Wh/NCM

Function: AC output/Type A/Type C/Cigar Lighter

Dimension: 295*206*181mm, Weight:8Kg