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24V/48V 16SBattery Management System
  • 24V/48V 16SBattery Management System
  • 24V/48V 16SBattery Management System

24V/48V 16SBattery Management System


Rated Power:2500W/5000W

Function:24V/8S,48V/16S,External Digital Screen to replace Upper Software

Dimension:200*428*58mm, Weight:3.5Kg

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Advance Architectural Design

It comes with an advanced circuit layout to help your battery manage voltage flow optimally. It comes with a carefully designed and manufactured battery charging and discharging system along with cell monitoring support. This product is a perfect solution for overcoming all your battery power distribution problems and helps your battery act more efficiently, long-lasting, and most importantly, reliable when connected to other battery-powered applications and devices. This is a tool crafted by only the best engineers to support your battery in every phase and critical weather conditions.

Technology Made for Making Batteries Last Longer than Usual

Our premium battery management system delivers excellent circuit control by constantly checking the batteries charging and discharging activities. It helps the battery from getting deep discharged from the over-voltage flow. It also provides information about battery characteristics such as battery type, current battery voltage output, temperature, battery capacity, power consumption, battery charging cycles, operating time remaining, and much more. The main task for this product is to make sure that the residual energy charge remaining inside the battery is of optimal use.

Cell Balancing System

This management system also provides a cell balancing system to manage different battery cells from dying out or running out of charge. Our product also provides a multi-channel battery monitoring and balancing system that is best for industrial projects.

Main benefits

• It provides one of the best in class and accurate battery voltage management.

• You don’t need any transformers to have good device battery communication.

• It comes with an advanced integrated diagnosis system feature that checks for any battery or circuit wiring abnormalities.    

Condition Sensing

Advanced analytics can also be performed through this device with respect to technical aspects such as thermal, electrical, mechanical stress. Its pressure sensing chip allows you to accurately check your home circuit wringing from all types of abnormality in the voltage output.

Voltage: 24/48V

Rated Power: 2500W/5000W

Function: 24V/8S,48V/16S, External Digital Screen to replace Upper Software

Dimension: 200*428*58mm, Weight:3.5Kg