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24V200AH Separated Lithium Battery
  • 24V200AH Separated Lithium Battery
  • 24V200AH Separated Lithium Battery

24V200AH Separated Lithium Battery


Product Features:

• Its cell number is 8/unit.

• It gives nominal voltage of 24V.

• It has a nominal capacity of 200Ah per hour.

• It gives maximum discharge current 200A.

• It gives a maximum charge current of 200A.

• It has an internal resistance of 20mΩ.

• It has a long life of 10 years.

Product Qualities:

• Good to use in UPS:

This 24V200AH separated lithium battery is very good to use in UPS as this is a rechargeable portable battery.

• It has High Energy Density:

All rechargeable batteries offer high energy density but 24V200AH separated lithium battery offers the highest energy density among all the rechargeable portable batteries.

• Smooth Performance: 

This battery has smooth high-performance capability as due the presence of lithium in it which also makes it ideal to use for applications that require high power.

• Long life:

This battery has a very slow self-discharge rate due to which it has a long life of 10 years.

• Versatilely:

This battery due is very versatile as it can be used to power almost anything from an electronic device to an electronic car.

• Light Weight:

The size of this battery is very compact and it is also very lightweight as compared to other batteries.

• Requires No Ventilation:

Usually batteries require ventilation in order to work smoothly but this battery requires no ventilation for its smooth working. 


Cell Number
8 /Unit
Nominal Voltage
24 V
Nominal Capacity
Max. Discharge Current
200 A
Max. Charge Current
200 A
Internal Resistance
20 mΩ
Design Life
10 Years