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24V 200AH lithium battery with bms inside
  • 24V 200AH lithium battery with bms inside
  • 24V 200AH lithium battery with bms inside
  • 24V 200AH lithium battery with bms inside

24V 200AH Lithium Battery With Bms Inside


All in one 24 V lithium Battery with BMS 

 A 24V lithium battery is one solution for all your electric supply needs. The model number, CP24200, has off-grid power storage. It uses advanced li-on technology to provide the best protective features and maximum function. It operates on 24 Voltage power with the same input as well as output power. Its maximum load-bearing capacity is also impeccable, ranging up to 200AH. It is a superior quality battery that is designed to be used as an inverter. It harnesses power from sunlight and converts DC current into AC with the help of power conversion. 

Safety Options 

We all know the prevalence of battery misfires and incidents caused as a result of battery overheating. CP24200 power storing device is designed in correspondence with these mishaps. It consists of different alert systems which can inform the users before any malfunction. For instance, it includes alerts for over-voltage, low voltage, high load, low load, battery power, and heat threshold. Apart from safety, these batteries have a long life span encompassing ten-plus years. We provide a three years warranty as well. These figures are not mere numbers but expect proof of the quality of batteries. 

Advanced Technical Features 

The steel body of CP24200 provides it with a sleek and elegant look. Due to its small size, it is convenient to move, unlike other storage batteries. They come with portable chargers and durable clippers, which are made up of steel as well. It uses advanced BMS technology to enhance its functioning and longevity. As far as the arrangement of lithium batteries is concerned, this inverter uses them in an organized array. For instance, battery systems are arranged vertically and horizontally for maximum power use. 


Model No.
Product Warranty (Min) 3 Years
Storage System Category Off-grid
Storage System Technology Li-ion