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12.8V 150AH
  • 12.8V 150AH
  • 12.8V 150AH

12.8V 150AH

12.8V 150AH

Lithium Battery

Lead Acid Replacement



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Your Sustainable Solution For A Better Tomorrow

Our lithium battery provides high power and efficiency, a charge time of 90 minutes for up to 2 hours long output. You can attach any type of tool and board wiring without getting worried because it has a BMS system that automatically detects the required power consumption of the device or circuit wiring and delivers the balanced and ideal output performance without getting heated up.

Solution For A Greener Tomorrow

Looking for a battery that lasts long and also tells that current SOC and voltage, then buy our high-quality lithium-powered battery and make your life easier. They have no negative memory effect which basically means you can charge them at any time without getting worried for a negative memory effect, they will be at peak power even after hundreds of charge cycles.

Benefits And Features

• It provides ideal power (90%-95%) discharge rate during its entire run time

• Lights weight

• Longer lasting up to 2000 charge cycle

• Environmental friendly

• It has an advanced BMS protection

• High energy density

Lead Acid: Replacement



Function: Replacing lead-acid battery can be in parallel and series.

Weight: About: 16KG

Dimension: L484.7xH240.8xW169.7mm

Terminal Type: M8 Screw

BMS inside and  a screen to show SOC and Voltage

Optional: Blue Tooth funtion