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12.8V 200AH Lithium Battery
  • 12.8V 200AH Lithium Battery
  • 12.8V 200AH Lithium Battery

12.8V 200AH Lithium Battery



Function: Replacing lead-acid battery, can be in parallel and series.


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Lithium Power For Solar Equipment

Crepower provides a deep cycle lithium battery that has been evolved and improved since the 1990s to provide a longer battery life and excellent performance under heavy loads of use. It has an advanced electronic circuit board technology that costs less maintenance and protects your circuits from burning up and other hidden dangers.

Upgrade Your Fleet For Better Performance

Lithium-ion electrolyte provides low internal resistance and high discharge rate, compared to other batteries it provides a discharge rate of 90%-95%

Maintenance Free

The stable chemical composition of our lithium powered batteries provides long life and maintenance free life. It is designed and made in a way that provides optimum output without getting heated up or burning up.

Products Main Features

• It is easy to install with simple and less complicated connections

• No limits on capacity extend

• It has a digital display that provides current SOC and Voltage

• High energy density

• Bluetooth function optional (upon order)

• It has a high safety grade of battery, making it safe to use under heavy loads of work

• Long life cycle of battery

• Advance BMS protection   

• Compatible with all types of tools and circuit connections


Capacity: 200AH

Function: replacing lead acid battery, can be in parallel and series.

Weight: About 40KG


Terminal Type: M8 Screw

BMS inside and  a screen to show SOC and Voltage

Optional: Blue Tooth function