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Jan 15,2021

Good News For Second Life Battery

According to rechearch in China 1.In 2020, the amount of second life battery recycling will be close to 25GWh, and in 2022, the amount of second life battery recycling will be close to 45GWh. According to the research of tonkin, as the power battery retirement tide is approaching, the second life battery recycling and utilization as the last kilometer of new energy vehicles will become the next blue ocean,when the use cost of second life battery is 142usd per KWH and the service life exceeds 1000 times, the cost performance ratio is higher than that of lead-acid battery 2.FreeWire company in the United States launched a.mobi electric car called mobile this product is made from waste electric car battery charging station, can store 48 KWH of electricity, more than on the market at present most of the electric car battery capacity nissan joint venture with sumitomo corporation in 2010 established the 4 r Energy co., LTD, committed to achieving the nissan leaf commercial use lithium secondary battery, the recovery of Japan and the United States market in the leaf cars used batteries used for residential and commercial Energy storage equipment in Europe, Younicos Recycling batteries used to establish a virtual power plant, the combination of distributed energy and will participate in the market price of primary frequency make Germany Bosch group use BMW ActiveE and i3 pure electric vehicles scrapped batteries built 2 mw/MWH 2 large photovoltaic power plant energy storage systems in addition, tesla also at level grid energy storage application of household energy storage wall solar energy storage in the areas of business did deploy these are potential draftees also use scenarios in the future