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Why switch to a solar power system?

Why switch to a solar power system?

Where electricity has become a necessity of the time there, it has become extremely challenging to meet the ends as electricity isn’t cheap enough for everyone to afford. Everything requires electricity to work from your mobile phone to your refrigerator, so you can’t even cut down your energy usage. In this time of struggle, the solar power system is a one-stop solution. However, it is significantly expensive to get a solar power system installed in your house, no doubt, but it is a one-time expenditure and a lifetime of ease. You will have to spend only once and then no more paying hefty electricity bills every month. Just save up some money and switch to a solar power system immediately.

Residential Solar Power System

A residential solar power system isn’t just a piece of machine, but it has numerous parts, which are collectively called as a solar power system. All these parts are equally important to complete the entire system and put it to functioning. These parts are:

• Solar panels

Solar panels are the central part of a solar power system. These are panels that are installed where sunlight is hitting directly upon them, usually on the roof of a house. These panels have a photovoltaic effect, and this is why they convert sunlight into electricity. Therefore, they are also called photovoltaic panels. Any solar panel supplier can assist you in getting the correct type of solar panels for your house.

• Solar batteries

Solar batteries are another main part of a solar power system because the electricity produced by the solar panels needs to be stored. Why because when the sun goes away, the panels won’t produce electricity anymore, so, at that time, the stored electricity will be used. The regular battery also can’t be used in this case because they are short-cycle batteries. In contrast, a solar battery is a deep cycle battery that produces long discharges of electricity. You will need the assistance of a solar battery maker to get the most suitable batteries in accordance with every part of your solar power system.

• Inverter

Solar panels produce DC current, but the type of current used by usually every electrical appliance is AC current. Therefore, DC current needs to be converted to AC current for your use to meet the standard. This is where the need for an inverter comes in. An inverter converts the DC current produced by solar panels into AC current.