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Top 7 energy storage companies that are leading the way forward in 2022

Top 7 energy storage companies that are leading the way forward in 2022

We are moving towards the future faster than ever before and the world we know is now moving towards the source of power known as the energy storage systems. It was the early stages when United States was leading the energy storage projects in the world but according to the latest studies China has now become the leading manufacturer of energy storage systems and devices and it is not far away when China will start dominating the energy storage market all over the world.

Benefits of energy storage systems 

When you use energy storage devices with paired with another system like an energy management system or solar system, you can use less power.

A lot of people are now investing in electric charging stations and there have already been some new inventions for the process known as "smart charging". The new "smart charging" is able to activate when the car's batteries are connected and the energy can be stored in these battery banks. When you drive, this system will shift all of the power back into your vehicle so there will be no more issues or accidents with your family vehicles while they are on road trips – a lot safer than done before!

Key advantages of energy storage systems

Some of the important key advantages you will get from energy storage systems includes:

1. Renewable Energy: With energy storage, you can store electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind to allow the power be use when it is needed most (e.g., in afternoon hours), making your home more environmentally friendly.

2. Stability: when you are selling, buying or consuming electricity with energy storage systems, there is no fear about not getting enough power as it will spring for backup at any time to make sure your home appliances and electronics can be powered up.

3. Security: Like the UPS system, regular charging from a large battery bank can help prevent outages of electrical equipment caused by a natural disasters like typhoons.

4. Energy storage systems are a very popular choice because they bring about:

5. Energy efficiency: You will not have to use as much electricity with the huge power banks on your home appliances and electronics. This is another great advantage when it comes down to saving money in comparison of using more energy than needed.

6. The great thing about these new technology today is that you can hang a system to your home just like there was a solar panel – however, this will be more power generating because it comes from rechargeable batteries with strategic placement of electrical loads.

Leading energy storage companies in 2022

Below are the companies that are responsible for the growth of technology and innovations in 2022. These companies will undoubtedly will play a big part in the future as well. 


CATL cooperated with Fujian Investment and Development Group and subsidiary companies of Power China to establish Jinjiang Mintou Power Storage Technology Co., LTD. CATL become the the largest shareholder company for energy storage industry by investing 221 million RMB in the economy.


This company is another tech giant that specializes in manufacturing in battery energy storage systems. They are responsible for providing 100 industrial grade storage solutions to the global market and becoming one of the best in China.


EVE is a large company that has successively launched a number of special energy storage cell products and projects worldwide. They are applied in the fields of thermal power combined frequency modulation, centralized energy storage on the grid side, and user side energy storage power station. In different application scenarios, EVE can achieve good cost performance and safety performance.

At the present date and time, EVE has a layout in communication energy storage, electric energy storage, landscape energy storage, distributed energy system and other fields. Data show that in 2022, the electrochemical energy storage capacity of EVE exceeding 500MWh, ranking fourth in China. 


This is another well known company that are ebegaed in the manufacturing process of lithium electric storage system solutions. They are also backed by a large corporation known as ZTE. 

Great power energy

At the present day and time, Great power energy a well known company has carried out a comprehensive layout of small household storage, large energy storage (power generation side, power grid side, user side energy storage) and communication base station standby power storage. Revenue from Great power’s energy storage products nearly doubled in the first quarter of this year. 

Crepower Energy Technology

Crepower Technology is one of the emerging company in China that is established in Shenzhen City. They deal in all types of energy storage drives that includes lithium battery cell, battery management systems, lithium battery module,s and much more. They are famous for delivering their all their products on a global scale. 

Narada Power

A company that is actively known all over china for providing solutions for the whole life cycle of energy storage systems from r&d, design, manufacturing, integration, operation and maintenance, service and recovery.