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How can businesses use solar batteries to perform their operations?

How can businesses use solar batteries to perform their operations?

A solar battery could be valuable to a business’s solar energy system. It helps a business store excessive electric power that it can utilize when its solar panels are not producing enough power. It also provides more options for supplying electricity to a business. In some situations, purchasing a solar battery from a solar battery wholesaler and installing it with solar panels is an excellent option for businesses. This blog looks at some of the significant ways solar batteries add value to the solar energy system of a company. Those ways are below

1 Self-energy consumption throughout non-solar periods

Perhaps an undeniable way in which a business could utilize a solar battery is to charge the battery during the day while solar panels produce surplus power and then discharge it throughout the night. In this manner, the business can use surplus energy to power its different operations during the night. Best self-consumption cases would cycle every day to maximize usage throughout the battery’s useful lifetime. 

2 Avoiding energy supply upgrades

Power grid infrastructure could be very costly. In certain situations, companies needing a lot of energy will have to pay for installing a huge transformer or a substation in the network to let them use the required amount of power. In many cases, solar panels with solar batteries are a preferable and cheaper solution and could be either attached to an existing transformer or developed as an off-grid solution. 

3 Arbitrage between retail energy prices

A bank of solar batteries could help manage the changes in retail energy prices during the day. At its simplest, an opportunity will be to do charging of the batteries during off peak periods and release the power stored in them throughout the peak times. In some situations, the difference in cents per kilowatt hour could be more than thirty cents, so this could add significant value to a business’s energy system if its power profile suits and help businesses sell power on power trading platforms.

4 Coverage during power outages

Energy critical companies lose huge amounts of funds from their lost revenue and profits during unexpected power failures. Depending on the energy grid’s reliability, a solar battery as a backup energy source could offer excellent value by letting businesses continue their operations. Largely batteries compete with diesel fuelled generations to perform this function which are costly up front.